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The Dance of Death

The idea for The Dance of Death was on my mind for many years before it ever came to fruition. Once the idea was settled, I knew it would be among my greatest achievements. I would love to personally invite you to my next performance. Get in touch to learn more about upcoming events near you.

Dramatic Actress

Love in Winter

I really enjoyed working on Love in Winter. This is among my favorite pieces and my audiences seem to agree! It started out as a personal piece but quickly evolved into something poignant and universal. This project was a true labor of love, which I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate once you see for yourself. Speak to me to learn about my upcoming performances.

Mask in the snow

Flight of the Mortal

My theme for this performance was the significant and ever changing power of love. Flight of the Mortal is often called a tearjerker, since audiences can barely hold back their tears when I perform. I managed to incorporate several mediums in order to reach adequate emotional levels, and it was a great success! Contact me to find out more about this project.

Jumping Dancer
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