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Brainfools does what it says on the tin. Gravity-defying. Exhilarating. With a sprinkle of comedy (of course). We’re a group of incredibly talented performers passionately strutting our stuff — on the ground, mid-air, and oh, tugging at heartstrings with delightful spectacles of ‘brain foolery.’ There’s a whimsical bubble about us that just might get you in a spin!

A brainchild of Finn and Toffy, we’re a contemporary, socio-aware group of performers/producers who fuse circus arts with collaborative imagination (Toffy and Finn’s peerless chemistry) to create versatile, fully immersive, and visually enriching performance arts experiences for the world’s audiences. We entangle our audiences, up-close and personal, drawing them into a world where they live only for the present glorious moments. 

We live in complex times, an era in history poised to stretch the thirst for unflinchingly humanity-driven art to its full elastic limits. In our bold bid to provide answers, one common thread you’re odds-on to spot throughout our circus art performances is that human connectedness — or rootedness (if you will) — within communities that we celebrate. The sheer vitality we inspire and the spellbinding fabric of fragility we weave our audience into — all by the intricately knitted universe of the circus.

Without question, the circus, for us, is never just about a ‘13-meter-diameter’ or ‘42-foot ring’ mastery. That would be just scratching the surface. At its heart, the circus has always incorporated a fusion of skill and soul—clusters upon clusters of exceptional human skills and artful mobility to tickle the human fancy. What sets us apart, though, is how we bring these human elements together. The spatial (on stage) and social (offstage) recognition we take to new heights to gratify, entertain, and inspire collective progress as humans.

Ultimately, we’re becoming part of a more robust movement with the loftiest calling in the circus performance arts, and indeed, any other art form worth its earthly significance — to redefine the boundaries of what reflects the deepest needs of the modern-day, contemporary audience. 

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