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Lift UP

3 Weeks Contemporary Circus R&D Project (1 week Prep + 1-2 weeks R&D)

Come with us on a journey of relationships clashing, (human) bridges and buildings breaking and falling. When the characters reach an exasperated low from competitive defeat against one another, their perspective change as they literally begin rebuilding human trust within the group.

Following the success of Brains fools’ arts council funded tour throughout the South of England, we are now looking to branch out and reach other areas in the community.

Join the cast as they perform daring aerials, acrobatic feats inspired by the writings of philosopher Martin Buber.


Adrian Berry, Jacksons Lane

“Brainfools presents an inventive, often funny ensemble work comprising skilled aerial work, clowning  and acrobatics„


The project is divided in 3 key milestones. Each lasting around a week. With 15 creatives involved at different stages.

Kickoff Week

We’ll start the project by kicking off the creatives and diving in to the research: around 3rd October

@Fish Island Circus

R&D, Creation Workshop

We will start of the creation by a movement research and then heading towards the creation of the 30 minute piece.

Location TBC

Rehearsal + 3 Performances

The last week of the project is around rehearsing and doing tech for the 3 performances on 2 days.

Location TBC

Venue: 101 Outtherearts Center (TBC)

A Large Scale Creation & Production Facility

Based in a 20,000 square foot warehouse on the former Greenham Common US Airbase, 101 houses both giant and intimate rehearsal spaces, ensuite accommodation facilities, and a fabrication workshop.