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Audition: Join our
BrainFools collective


The call out

We are looking for new members to join our creative circus collective BrainFools. To collaborate in our future creations as well as touring our existing work. 

Ideally people with at least one solid circus adjacent skill as well as affinity for group acrobatics / dance.

How we run

As a collective we create, tour and perform our shows. We run workshops, teach classes and do research together.  We tour existing work and do paid gigs.

We want to have a fixed collective ensemble that works to create new projects regularly.

We meet up for training and planning sessions for new projects on regular basis. 

New Brains: 


We are ideally looking for people

  • Who want to work within a collective

  • Who want to create new work

  • Who are able to invest time and energy into a growing collective

  • Who are able to plan & dream

  • Who are willing to help with setting up rigs, carrying, lifting, cooking, marketing... Whatever needs to happen for a project

  • Who are happy to play and invest time in group training


We operate a gig based system at the moment. 



Who we are NOT:

  • An agency 

  • An established company, we are very much emerging. With all the ups and downs.

  • A big company with infinite resources (if we ever can’t remember each others names, we might be too large)



Audition Dates:

14. April 2024 - 10.00 - 4.00PM


10. April 2024

Audition Format:

  • Morning: Group Exploration Workshop (guided)

  • Early Afternoon: Short Individual Chats with Jared & Toffy

  • Afternoon: Show of Hidden Talents (anything)​​ 

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