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Lucky Pigeons - „Bring your own“  (Print only)

Lucky Pigeons - „Bring your own“ (Print only)

Pigeon lovers, we got news for you!


This merch is one of a kind. How you say?


- We costum print each individual clothing item by hand

- We use your favorite old shirt and upcycle it for you

- get your name printed (+10£, stencil is handcarved)


How it works?

1. Pre-order the print

2. Bring your clothing Item & email receipt  to the performance

3. We'll take the item and print it for you (usually takes 1-3 days)

4. We'll send you the item back by mail

5. You get your awesomely amazing costum clothing item





- Clothing Items or tote bags only

- print only works on organic materials (no highly synthetic fabrics)


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