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Welcome to our Company

At BrainFools, we believe in the transformative power of contemporary circus arts to connect, inspire, and engage. Founded in 2021 by a dynamic duo, Finn and Toffy, BrainFools has rapidly evolved into a beacon of innovative and socially-aware performance art.

Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine the realms of circus and performance art, making them not just spectacles of skill and beauty but also powerful mediums for social commentary and community engagement. We are dedicated to creating immersive experiences that resonate deeply with diverse audiences, transcending boundaries and sparking conversations.

From the streets of London to the rural heartlands of the UK, we bring stories to life through a mesmerizing blend of acrobatics, dance, and theater. Each performance is a journey – an exploration of themes that matter, from the struggles of marginalized groups to the joys of human connection.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to BrainFools


BrainFools Previous works

R&D Creation: Lucky Pigeons 2021
  • Arts Council Funded 

  • 2 Weeks R&D with a custome build Structure

    • 101 Outdoor Arts​

    • National Centre for Circus Arts

  • 1 Week of Creation

    • 101 Outdoor Arts​

  • First Work in Progress Showing

    • Highgate Festival

    • Jacksons Lane

UK Summer Tour 2022
  • Arts Council Funded 

  • 2 Weeks Rehearsal with new costumes & Set

    • 101 Outdoor Arts​

  • Official Premiere

    • National Center For Circus Arts

  • Rural Tour with 21 Performances in the South West of the UK​

  • Collaborated with 6 rural touring schemes

luckypigeon_flyer_a5 2_page_1.jpeg
BrainFools Scratch Nights
  • A series of 10 performance nights

    • Fish Island Circus

  • Showcasing new experimental work of emerging Artists

  • Now continued in 2024 at Jacksons Lane with 3 different editions

_MG_7240 1.jpg
Creation new Show: Circus Enchanté
  • 3 Days Rehearsal, Self funded R&D

  • Family Friendly Circus Cabaret

  • Themes: Gender Roles, Gender Fluidity 

  • Premiere at Jacksons Lane​ (SOLD OUT)

  • Rerun at Hoxton Hall (SOLD OUT)
JPEG image 61.jpeg
JPEG image 77.jpeg
Cabaret Enchante 2024-2.png
R&D & Creation new Show: Lift UP
  • 3 Weeks, Self funded R&D

  • 3 Weeks of Arts Council Funded Creation & in collaboration with Jared Shanks

  • Work in Progress showing:

    • Jacksons Lane​

    • Highgate Festival

Artboard 1.jpg
Launch of the BrainFools:Engage Program
  • Self funded 

  • Free Workshop and events for hoxton locals

  • Workshops at Hoxton Hall, Jacksons Lane, Hoxton Trust, Hoxton Summer Fair, Hackney Council

Mini Summer Tour 2023 & Edinburgh Fringe
  • Self funded 

  • 3 Festivals close by to London

  • Associated with  the Underbelly Circus Hub

  • 5 Star Reviews & audience feedback

 What's next in 2024
  • Interest from 12 Venues for Lucky Pigeons Show & Workshops accross the UK

    • 3 Rural​

    • 6 Free Festivals

    • 3 Community Events

  • Heavy focus on bringing work to lesser served areas​ and rural locations

  • Eco concious

  • BrainFools:Engage Program with communites


Any questions?

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