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Co-directed Jared Shanks & Toffy Paulweber 

Step into the captivating world of "Balance," an extraordinary project that defies gravity and elevates the senses. We invite you to embark on a journey where contemporary circus arts converge with innovation, rural community outreach, and environmental responsibility.   "Balance" is not just a circus performance; it's an artistic venture that aims to transcend boundaries, both physical and artistic. Our project brings together a diverse team of creatives, from various backgrounds and experiences, to craft a visually stunning and emotionally resonant show that challenges convention.    As a production committed to inclusivity, "Balance" is designed to captivate diverse audiences, from children and families to socially marginalized populations in underserved areas. By fusing acrobatics, storytelling, and inventive use of found objects, our project aims to make contemporary circus accessible to all.   But that's not all. "Balance" reaches beyond the stage. We have meticulously planned for a future where this performance transcends the project period. In 2025, we'll take our show on the road, partnering with rural touring schemes to visit 20 villages and towns in the South West and Midlands. Our mission is to create lasting impressions, forging deeper connections with the communities we touch.   Join us as we navigate the thrilling world of "Balance." Explore our journey of art, creativity, and innovation that stretches the boundaries of circus performance. Here, you'll find a story that unfolds not just under the big top but in the hearts and minds of audiences from all walks of life.   Welcome to a project that's about more than just "Balance." It's about creating equilibrium in art, society, and the environment, one mesmerizing performance at a time. h. 

Introducing BALANCE: A rural touring circus experience

Who we are

"We are a passionate and diverse team of artists, creatives, and visionaries dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus arts and fostering inclusivity in our artistic journey."

Our concept

BALANCE is a contemporary circus show exploring the societal, philosophical imbalances.

Artistic Vision

Based on previous R&D the vision is to create a show that is easily tourable, follow the green book touring guidlines and reaches audiences in rural areas.

The BALANCE Experience

Physical Storytelling

The audience is transported to a postmodern world imagined by a child from the 1930s, where technology has stopped working

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Exciting Acrobatics & unique props

A group of people come together to create energy and transport a dome to Saturn, establishing a new "Norwich" and restoring human connection

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Wrap Around Activit

An original score performed live, enhancing the atmosphere and emotional impact of the show. With hits of today in style of yesterday.

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Meet The BALANCE Creatives


Toffy Paulweber



Holly Miller

Costume Designer


Jared Shanks



Finn Burnett Pope

Outside Eye


Sean Kempton

Artistic Director & Outside Eye


Michaela O’connor

Mentor, Outside Eye (KOOK)

Based on previous work Lift UP
Why Rural Touring

Unique & Uplifting


Balance offers a one-of-a-kind experience that resonates with rural touring. Not only offering a full show but also entertainment around the afternoon.a


Socially Relevant

Our show explores the timely theme of technology's impact on human connection, inviting audiences to reflect on their own experiences.

Local Connection


By transporting the dome to a new "Norwich" on Saturn, we celebrate the spirit of the city and its residents.


R&D: Hoxton  Hall 8 Weekends


1 Week Creation

Hoxton Hall (without director)


1 Week Creation

101 Outdoorarts


Rehearsals & Showing: Hoxton Hall & Hoxton Community Garden


Rehearsals & Showing: Rose Pub with TakeArts

Next steps

Any questions?

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