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Toffy talks about Leadership

Toffy applied to the Horizon Leaderhip Program for aspiring leaders in the circus arts industry with this video where he talks about Leadership and what it means to him.


About: Toffy

As the co-founder and director of BrainFools, a circus company consisting of 10 circus artists and friends, I'm passionate about elevating the UK circus sector. In 2021, after graduating from circus school, Finn and I founded the company with the ambition to create thought-provoking circus performances that combine uplifting and silly elements. We've been touring our shows internationally and have aspirations to build a headquarters for like-minded artists and performers.


Personally, I'm driven to push boundaries in the circus world by creating innovative and thought-provoking performances that combine various artforms. I want to reach audiences who might not typically engage with contemporary circus, and to leave a lasting impact on the circus arts industry.

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My Story

In 2009, my journey began when I earned a BA in Information Design. This opened up a world of creativity and problem-solving, igniting a spark within me that would shape my career for years to come. The pursuit of this degree allowed me to develop a solid foundation in design principles and an eye for detail.

For a decade, I worked as a product manager, immersing myself in a dynamic and challenging environment. This experience sharpened my skills in design, collaboration, and strategic thinking. I was able to bring innovative ideas to life and contribute to the success of various projects.

During this time, I discovered my passion for circus arts. The thrill and excitement of performing captivated me, and I couldn't resist diving headfirst into this newfound love. The circus offered me an outlet for self-expression and personal growth, allowing me to explore the depths of my creativity and physical prowess.

As my love for circus grew stronger, I made the life-changing decision to turn it into a full-time career. This was a bold move, but I knew in my heart that it was the right path for me. With a fire burning within me, I embarked on a new journey to master the art of circus.

In 2021, I graduated from the renowned National Centre for Circus Arts in London. This prestigious institution provided me with the education and training I needed to hone my circus skills and take them to new heights. The experience was both challenging and rewarding, pushing me to exceed my limits and discover my true potential.

Today, as the co-founder and director of BrainFools, I have the privilege of combining my design expertise and circus passion to create innovative and captivating performances. This unique blend of skills allows me to push the boundaries of circus arts and contribute to the growth and evolution of this mesmerizing art form. Each day, I wake up excited to continue this incredible journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love of circus with the world.

My work


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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